In our World

there is famine, disease, war, chaos, and other violent acts of nature. The goal of Peace Love & Harmony is to restore the perfect balance to help people strive towards a better future.


is what we wish to obtain throughout the world, which can start by working together with those around you. Friends, family, co-workers, any small amount can help make this world better.


is what we should all feel towards each other. It doesn’t have to be the love you feel for your lover, but in the sense of love as in caring for one another. Caring and helping those in need.


is to achieve unity through our differences as people, uniting as one to form a fellowship for all mankind, while working together and caring for one another as a common goal.

Our Mission

is to reach the far corners of the earth, encourging people to help one another through simple acts of kindness and love. We will unite, our greatest strength will be our solidarity, achieving serenity with peace of mind in our surroundings.

Together we will achieve Peace, Love & Harmony on Earth for everyone to enjoy.

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